Small Bathroom Renovation – An Easy Way to Update Your Space

A Freestanding Bathtub is a perfect accessory for your bathroom renovation. Savannah GA bathroom renovation believes a traditional bathtub to be boring or out-of-date in a contemporary bathroom renovation; however, if a bathroom is your preferred idea of complete relaxation, then modern style trends should not prevent you from adding it to your new bathroom remodel! By using modern bathroom fixtures that complement the bathroom remodel, you can turn a drab old bathroom into a spa-like experience in just a few hours!

bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovations can vary drastically depending on the size of the space, and what your priorities are in creating a luxurious, relaxing experience. If you’re on a tight budget, there’s no need to despair! There are several bathroom remodeling ideas that don’t require too much money and are still very effective in transforming a small bathroom space into a relaxing, calming oasis in your own home. Consider some of these popular bathroom renovations:

Adding a Freestanding Tubs – With so many different styles available, you can find a beautiful freestanding tub for any bathroom, big or small! These tubs give an instant update to any outdated bathtubs, allowing you to create a luxurious spa-like environment in less time than you may think. Choose a tub with a soft, relaxing color, such as brown or blue, and add a matching shower curtain. This will give it the appearance of a spa, with the added benefit of a soothing, relaxing scent coming from the tub. If you don’t have room for a tub, consider adding a pedestal sink and/or hand showers.

Wallpaper – Installing a large piece of wallpaper over your bathroom countertop can instantly change the look of your walls. While it may seem counter-intuitive, wallpapers can help to create a warm, welcoming feeling in a small space. This is especially true if the walls are painted a light or pastel color, such as blue or pink. Adding decorative wall tiles in bright colors also creates an inviting, relaxing environment, which is perfect for a new bathroom renovation!

Bathroom Tile – Bathroom wall tiles, as well as wallpaper, help to create a relaxing, soothing atmosphere in any bathroom. For those who do not want to use wallpaper, you may choose other options to make your bathroom look more spacious. such as a mosaic tile pattern, which gives a great splash of color, or a tiled floor and backsplash for a simple change of scenery.

New Faucet – Adds a new faucet to your existing bathroom can give your room a completely new feel! With an extensive amount of different styles and designs to choose from, this is a very easy way to update your bathroom without breaking your budget. For those who are on a strict budget, a small change like installing a brand new faucet can really make a dramatic difference in how your bathroom looks, giving it a fresh new look! Try installing a new faucet with a faucet style or handle that matches the fixtures in the bathroom or one that has a modern or rustic feel.

New Mirror – Installs a new mirror in a small bathroom can bring a little sparkle back into space, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. A new vanity mirror is a great way to add sparkle to a room without having to spend thousands of dollars on a full bathroom renovation.

Bathroom vanities, mirrors, and bathroom lights can all be added to give a new look to a small space, giving your bathroom a larger, more welcoming feel. So whether you’re looking for a small bathroom renovation or just want to update the look of your old bathroom, a small bathroom-remodeling project will provide you with a beautiful, welcoming room to call your own.